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DynDN.eS Update Scripts

The update scripts from the DynDN.eS website are checking that the IP was changed before it will be tried to do an update. This check will be done internal of the local network to not waste resources. So it could run likely every minute and updates a dynamic hostname to the new IP in shortest time.

Usually on a correct configured system the scripts are working (nearly) out of the box. First of all:

Always check for the newest version for your operating system!

The recommended way is in any case to download the correct script, create a task (cron job) which runs every minute and take a coffee. We assume that these steps will be done correctly. After a few minutes check if your dynamic hostname has the correct IP address - usually it should be. Otherwise there is some manual interaction needed.


We assume a bit basic knowledge. You know

  • what an editor is. Microsoft Word is not an editor.
  • what a command prompt or a shell is. We will use the term CLI further for that.
  • what a path is and how it works.

Otherwise or if you can't use these tools stop here!

For each hostname is the related separate script needed! They can be combined for a scheduling task, but each script have to be executed!

Windows (batch file)

The script needs the ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION option activated. Further the tool wget.exe (version 1.15 or newer) is needed and have to be found by the script during the run. Put both in the same directory or - better - into the Windows folder.

Open a CLI and execute the script manually. Check the output carefully. To get more information open the script in an editor, search for the line which starts with

@set DBG=3 

(round about line 35) and increase the value of DBG. Check the output to see what was going wrong.

The script could take a long time to run until the external IP was determined for the first time. There are several reasons for that, mainly because of the Windows  tracert  tool. It is a compromise for higher automation also.


Some distributions doesn't have installed the tool  traceroute  by default. Install it in such case. Another issue is that it will be available for the superuser only. Executing the script with  sudo  will solve this issue. Otherwise usually there are no root privileges needed. For more verbosity set the DBG variable to a higher value (round about line 38):


Don't forget to make the script executable.

The DBG variable

The variable DBG controls the verbosity of the output. Higher values gives more information. A value of 5 or higher shows the output of some commands too. It is a good starting point to set a value of 2 or 3 and increasing it if needed afterwards. Read the related comment inside the scripts.

Proxy Settings (Windows only)

It is not recommended to use this option, but it is possible. Read the comments of this section carefully and enter the correct values. We do not support this feature - it is a relict of older development. But as it works we do not plan to remove it.

Additional articles

There are documentation, e.g. how to configure IPv6 or using https on Windows: