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eQmail 1.10 snapshots

I decided to do releases more often through snapshots. The reason behind is to keep development steps smaller and be able to act more quickly with improvements, fixes and documentation. Nevertheless snapshots should work but can contain issues as well the documentation could be out of date. Snapshots and checksums are available via ftp here.

Prior (Major) Releases

There are two major releases published yet. eQmail 1.08.1 was based on netqmail-1.06 and contained some patches I put together into one source package. It was used by me in different installations. Through the time there was a need to additional functionality which I added to some individual installations. Later on I consolidated some of this stuff, made a new package and released eQmail 1.09. It was mostly a step towards to reorganize the “qmail stuff” I have in use consistently. What lead at least to further development - so the first snapshot eQmail-20160609 is a milestone towards to eQmail 1.10.


As the documentation still lacks, some information about the current status:

  1. The install process was rewritten completely. There were 1000 lines of code replaced by 100 lines now (round about). The shortest way is now to run  make install  simply - this makes all. Optional, steps can be executed separate along the well known  configure ,  make ,  make install  ( ./config ).
  2. If TLS will be compiled in (default), there are  mkservercerts  and  mkrsadhkeys  to create keys and certs.
  3. Some “programs” which I never - and really never - have used are removed, e.g. qmail-qbiff, maildirwatch, pinq (and others). IMHO - if there is somebody out there who wants use this, he/she should be able to do it individually by itself.
  4. The POP3 stuff was removed too - as POP3 is obsoleted by IMAP (IMHO :-), and I didn't use POP3 since 15 years anymore) there are enough other IMAP/POP servers available.
  5.  qmail-showctl  was replaced by  qmail-shcfg ,  qmail-qstat  gives more info.
  6. For more internal changes see CHANGELOG-1.10.

Following eQmail Install, LWQ and reading some of the new man pages should qualify people to install the snapshot - hopefully. ;-)

The current state is tested on Linux (Gentoo, Debian, openSuSE) and FreeBSD. It should run on any actual Linux distribution - NetBSD and OpenBSD are not tested yet, sorry.


As you can upgrade from any eQmail release, I recommend to backup all binaries (the bin folder) of the former release before. I do NOT recommend to upgrade a former (net)qmail installation - except you know exactely what you do! (e.g. big-todo!)

Any feedback is highly appreciated - please subscribe and report to openqmail mailing list or report real issues at GitHub.