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After I was interrupted in the work with eQmail a few months ago, finally eQmail-1.10 is out. It is not a release with a lot of new features, against the focus was laid at the internal code base. I did made an announcement of changes here - but the following are the facts what changed really. Let's start from the


  1. Integration of  qmail-tcpsrv 1) - was  tcpserver  from ucspi-0.88 - for sure with IPv6. The thoughts behind this change were
    • in comparison with other UNIX MTA's each of the others can listen for a TCP connection without any additional software (package)
    • there is no need to patch ucspi-ssl-0.88 for IPv6 anymore
    • as  tcpserver  was(/is) a quasi requirement it breaks eQmail's dependency on ucspi-tcp (it is still the choice of the user what to use)
  2. The tool  qmail-shcfg  replaces the former  qmail-showctl . It gives a better and more complete overview of eQmail's configuration. The old tool was often ignored by patch authors.
  3. The new  qmail-fixq  and the extended  qmail-qstat  have most of the functionality of the third party tools queue-repair, queue-fix and qmHandle.
  4. Some programs have been considered obsolete and were removed:  qbiff ,  qmail-{popup,pop3d} ,  pinq ,  elq ,  qail ,  qsmhook  and  qmail-upq . I don't expect that they will be missed. :-)
  5. The build/install routine is now  ./configure - make - make install . A basic configuration will be created automatically if necessary.
  6. Updated to Frederick Vermeulens latest  netqmail-1.06-tls-20160918.patch .

Internal changes

Short: there was a massive code refactoring.

  1. Most of the “djblibs” are consolidated into  qlibs 
  2. Upped all  qlibs  to buffer
  3. Upped to newer libs as of stand ucspi-tcp-0.88 with influences of fefe's libowfat
  4. Improved prototyping
  5. eliminated 'try*'s', moved required ones to configure

eQmail-1.10 was tested to build and run at the following systems:

  • Gentoo Linux
  • Debian 8
  • SuSE Leap 42
  • FreeBSD 10.3
  • NetBSD 7.0
  • OpenBSD 5.8 (requires  openssl  for TLS)

Still, eQmal-1.10 isn't a release with a lot of new features. Indeed the focus is set to internal optimizations. This - the code-cleanup - is a ongoing process.

See also:

see man qmail-tcpsrv.1