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Dokuwiki: Template tweaks

The default template bundled with dokuwiki since “Adora Belle” (2012-10-13 release) looks nice (enough :-)) to me and is highly configurable. Additional one can expect that it works even after an update. During its lifetime there were some small improvements - anyway, I would like to have some more visual effects to fit into different requirements. So in the past I did made some small changes - IMHO there was no need to create a new template.

For a better understanding I want to mention that I have multiple dokuwiki installations with farms. The animals are open and closed wiki's, blogs, and static websites. All are using the default template dokuwiki with individual styles, additional the patches below provide more visual effects and a finer tuning of allowed actions. All is configurable through the Configuration Manager.

To get the changes take effect immediately the browsers cache have to be purged, e.g. by adding  [&|?]purge=true  to the address bar!

Download the archive which includes 2 patches and extract it. The patches are independent of each other and doesn't change the default behavior of dokuwiki until the configure options are set.

Download: dokuwiki-template-patches-latest        sha256sum

The term  <dokuwiki_root>  used below is a placeholder include the absolute path to the dokuwiki folder. Needless to say that a backup is recommended!

The "visual" patch

This patch makes it possible to hide the following:

  • the filename at the upper right corner of the content area
  • the “Last Modified” info at the lower right of the content area - either complete or shortened (show date only)
  • the logo, so no logo will be visible
  • the complete footer with the license and the buttons area

Apply the patch (replace 20180906 with the appropriate version):

$> cd <dokuwiki_root>
$> patch --verbose -p1 < /path/to/the/dokuwiki-template-visual-20180906.patch


With appropriate rights go to the Configuration Manager and scroll down to the end of the Display section. Three of new options have simply a checkbox - enabling it hides the related feature. The “Last Modified” feature has a drop-down menu with three options:

  •  visible  : the page info is visible always with filename, date and editor (dokuwiki default)
  •  short    : the page info will be shortened to the date only - no filename and editor will be shown
  •  hide     : the page info will be hidden completely

The "actions" patch

This patch makes the Medien-Manager link and the search form visible for a defined group only.

Apply the patch (replace 20180906 with the appropriate version):

$> cd <dokuwiki_root>
$> patch --verbose -p1 < /path/to/the/dokuwiki-template-actions-20180906.patch


Both can be configured through a drop-down menu in the Configuration Manager:

  •  admin : only visible if the dokuwiki variable  $INFO['isadmin']  is true (the user have to be an admin)
  •  users : only visible if the dokuwiki variable  $INFO['userinfo']  is true (the user is logged in)
  •  all   : always visible

Disabling the actions has precedence over these options for sure. The group users is not ACL dependent. It just means the user is logged in.


I think these changes cleans up the visual presentation of dokuwiki according to a use case. The patches should apply cleanly with the actual release of dokuwiki. I did the changes some years ago and there were a few small adjustments needed only. For sure the changes are in daily use and does work perfect. Maybe it is useful for others too. More dokuwiki stuff could be reached by using the dokuwiki tag below.